Hello, I’m <strong>Claudia Davies</strong>. I am a Communications and PR Professional.

Hello, I’m Claudia Davies. I am a Communications and PR Professional.

Creative Writing is my passion.

I'm a Digital Media Native.

Let's do Press Work 4.0.

I'm a certified Public Affairs Manager.

Hi! I’m Claudia Davies. I am currently working as a deputy Spokeswoman in the public sector and just got my certificate as a Public Affairs Manager. I’m an open-minded and driven person always looking to improve myself. When I’m not at work I love to play with my cats, read up on politics or see the world – at least when there’s no pandemic going on.

  • Address: Berlin, Germany
  • E-mail: hello@claudiadavies.de
As a communications expert I know how to bring a message across effectively and appropriately. I've been writing and speaking for companies and public institutions for years now and know how to communicate on different platforms.
Creative Thinking
Creating new communication concepts from scratch, drawing up graphics to use on- and offline is something I love. I'm well organized and able to tacle problems with my analytical and creative skills I learned in University and mastered in my daily work.
Wether it's organizing the next issue of our employee magazine or an event, I know how to prioritize and complete tasks. This proofed to be crucial especially in crisis, e.g. when I managed the social media accounts of IBB during the Corona crisis.
IT Proficiency
I'm a digital native and thrive in the online world. I've been using computers since I can walk and as a touch typist can write faster than most people. Understanding and using new software comes easily for me and I also know my way around HTML and CSS.
2020 - Present
Deputy Spokeswoman, Investitionsbank Berlin
  • Press work: Answering Press Enquiries in German and English, Writing Press Releases, Holding Press Conferences
  • Social Media: Person in Charge in the Conception and Implementation of Target Group Oriented Posts for Social Networks
  • Graphics & Videos: Creation of Graphics for Internal and External Communications, Creation and Editing of Videos for Internal and External Communications
  • Speeches, Presentations, Briefings for the Board of Directors: Creation of Speeches, Presentations and Briefings for the Board of Directors, Taking into Account the Strategic Orientation of the Company
  • Internal and External Communications: Editorial Work for our Intranet and Web Presence
  • Staff Magazine: Person in Charge for the Conception, Coordination and Production of the Staff Magazine, Coordination with Agencies, Writing and Editing of Articles
2019 - 2020
Trainee Corporate Communications, Investitionsbank Berlin
  • Writing Press Releases and Speeches
  • Handling and Refining our Social Media Presence
  • Crisis Communication in Social Media during the Corona Crisis
  • Answering Press Inquiries
  • Editorial Work for our Website and various Publications
  • Developing and Implementing an extensive Employer Branding Concept in Collaboration
  • Internal Communications
  • Enhancing our Employee Magazine
  • Event Management
2016 - Present
Freelance Communications, Ristorante Pizzeria Toscana
  • Conception and Implementation of a Web Presence
  • Social Media PR
  • Editorial Work
  • Frontend & Backend of toscana-zr.de
  • SEM
  • Media Relations
Internship Corporate Communications, Lufthansa Technik AG
  • Assistance in Internal Communications
  • Conception, Research and Production of Articles for the Intranet
  • Videography
  • Assistance in the Production of the Employee Magazine
  • Translations German / English
Internship Press and Communications, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany London
  • Media Monitoring and Analyses
  • Social Media PR
  • Photography
  • Editorial Work
  • Answering Requests from German Citizens
Working Student Media Relations and Communications, Schufa Holding AG
  • Editorial Work
  • Media Monitoring
  • Content Management
2015 - 2016
Working Student Online Marketing, Communardo Software GmbH
  • Editorial Work
  • Social Media PR
  • Product Marketing
  • Translations German-English
  • SEO
  • Eventmanagement
Internship International PR, mc Group
  • Interactive Communication
  • Editorial Work
  • Eventmanagement
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Analyses
2016 - 2019
Master of Arts in Communication Science, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Master Thesis: Big Data and Algorithms in PR

Final Grade: 1,8


  • Media Economics
  • Online Communications
  • Public Policy
  • Communication Management
  • Media and Communications Research


2012 - 2016
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science, TU Dresden

Bachelor Thesis: Crisis Communications in Social Media

Final Grade: 2,1


  • Media History
  • Eventmanagement
  • Communications Research
  • Media Law
  • Social Media PR
  • Crisis Communications
  • Statistics
  • Public Relations


IT Skills
  • MS Office
  • Canva
  • Tweetdeck
  • First Spirit
  • Adobe Suite
  • Wordpress CMS
Languages Skills
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Press Work
  • Social Media
  • Creative Writing
  • Crisis Communications
  • Developing Communication Concepts
  • Content Management
Big Data in der PR: Gigantisches Potenzial oder doch nur ein Hype? - Part 2
  • Editorial Work
  • Part 2 of my publication about Big Data in Public Relations in PR
Big Data in der PR: Gigantisches Potenzial oder doch nur ein Hype?
  • Editorial Work
  • Part 1 of my publication about Big Data in Public Relations in PR
Interview mit komm.passion: „Selbstdenken ist angesagt“
  • Editorial Work
  • Interview with the PR agency komm.passion for the PR Journal
Saxon Switzerland — a breathtaking landscape of sandstone mountains
  • Editorial Work
  • Article on Saxon Switzland for the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany London
Vogtland — a diverse region dominated by a cornucopia of castles
  • Editorial Work
  • Article on Vogtland for the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany London
„Und wann hast du das letzte Mal den Bauch einer Boeing gestreichelt?“
  • Editorial Work
  • Article for our student initiative about an excursion to Fraport
Web Presence for Ristorante Pizzeria Toscana
  • Web Development
  • I developed and implemented a page for a local restaurant, including all the editorial work.
Social Media Presence for Ristorante Pizzeria Toscana
  • Social Media
  • I created a social media presence for a local restaurant including all the writing and graphics.
Horse Riding
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